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Platelet Rich Plasma

Why Berkowits?


We boast of using the most updated technology there of having the most updated equipment and using the most advanced technology. Our hair transplant robot is testimony enough.


Our surgeons specialize in Follicular unit extraction and implantation. Because of our 25 years' experience in hair care, no one understands the technicalities of implanting hair and restoring your hair line better.

Berkowits- The Hair Hospital!

Berkowits is one of the few clinics which specialize in all treatments you can opt for your Hair Loss and Baldness. We are the pioneers of Hair Replacement in India, only chain to have an exclusive affiliation with Hair Loss Control Clinic USA, one of the first clinics to introduce Stem C'rum, Plasma Rich protein and mesoroller therapy in New Delhi and specialize in Hair Transplant. Here, you will not be misguided and only a treatment which will deliver the results expected by you will be chosen.


We respect our customers and we respect their right for honest information. There would be no false claims. And truth will be repeated over and over again like your hair loss will not stop over- night. You will not be able to see any regrowth for the first 3-4 months and Hair Loss treatments are for life. You will be informed there are no miracles here and for that matter when it comes to hair loss, none are there anywhere else as well.

Blood is made from approximately 93% red blood cells (RBC), 1% white blood cells (WBC), 6% platelets and plasma. When platelets are activated in the body, these sponge-like molecules form branches and release healing proteins called growth factors. Though growth factors have a multitude of responsibilities, the cumulative result is accelerated tissue and wound healing.

Patients own blood is used to extract these growth factors. The platelet rich plasma is separated from the very minimal amount of blood that is extracted and is used to cure the hair loss.

While it is known to stop hair loss it can also reverse the miniaturisation of the hair caused by androgenic alopecia or male pattern baldness. Multiple sittings(3-4 sittings) are recommended.

Platelet-Rich Plasma Therapy for Hair Loss in Delhi

Note: This is not a surgical procedure, it is a non-invasive procedure which leaves no scar. The blood is extracted is much lesser than the amount which is generally extracted in blood donation camps. It is also done under a local anaesthesia and therefore does not hurt.

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