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Hair Transplant in Delhi

Why Berkowits?

hair transplant Delhi


We boast of using the most updated technology, the best team of technicians & having the most up to date surgical equipment. Our hair transplant robot is testimony enough.

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Our surgeons specialize in Follicular unit extraction and implantation and our advanced equipment supplements that. Because of our 25 years' of experience in hair care and our in-depth understanding on how hair grows naturally , no one understands the technicalities of the artistry that is absolutely required to create a natural looking hairline.

best hair transplant clinic in Delhi


We respect our customers and we respect their right for honest information. Unlike many other clinics you will not find marketing quotes like 'Unlimited hair @ Rs 85000' or 'Hair Transplant at Rs 10 per hair'.

At Berkowits you will be informed that, unlimited hair is not possible as there is a maximum number which can be extracted from your donor area and each graft we implant can contain a number of 1-5 hairs. We promise only what we can deliver. Be assured of no marketing gimmicks and a hundred percent accountability on the number of grafts promised and implanted.

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Berkowits - The Hair Hospital!

Berkowits is the only chain of clinics which specialize in all kinds of treatments you can opt for your Hair Loss and Baldness. We are the pioneers of Hair Replacement in India, only chain to have an exclusive Master Franchise of Hair Loss Control Clinic, USA (for the entire country India), one of the first clinics to introduce PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) treatment and mesoroller therapy and specialize in Hair Transplant with the most advanced technology i.e. Robotic Hair Transplant. Here, you will not be misguided and only a treatment which will deliver the results expected by you will be recommended to you.

advance hair transplant


We can implant upto 2000 grafts through FUE and upto 2500 grafts through strip method in a single day!

hair transplant clinic in delhi

Robotic Hair Transplant

We are one of the first clinics to introduce Robotic Hair Transplant known as Neograft in the western markets and SAFER in the eastern side of the world. This robot has revolutionized the world of hair transplant by offering 'No Human Touch' FUE. It offers suction assisted harvesting of grafts which ensures that no hair root is cut or damaged in the process and ensures maximum graft yield.

Hair Transplant

Hair Transplant is a great way to get back hair that has fallen off permanently due to balding. At Berkowits, we beat the competition both through our innovative techniques and excellent results. We use safest and most advanced robotic procedures that offer best results both for FUE and FUT hair transplant process. Further, we are also affordable given the fact that we use most advanced methods and our surgeons are expert at the process ensuring negligible waste of grafts that eventually translates into low cost of hair transplant.

Patient Gallery

Young male with frontal thinning and recession at the temples. Was implanted 1500 grafts. Seen here is the results witnessed in 6 months. His full result should be visible within a year of the treatment.


Young male given 1500 grafts at the frontal temples, notice how natural the hairline looks and density of hair he has been transplanted with


Young male with frontal thinning. 1500 graft were implanted to give him a full head of hair. Seen here are the results noticed in the first 4 months of his surgery. One can notice the beginning of his hair growth.


Young male with overall thinning. Was treated with 1500 grafts. Shown here is the results witnessed in the first 5 months.


Young male with Stage 4 baldness. Was implanted 1500 grafts to cover up just the frontal baldness. One can notice the early results shown here immediately after the transplant.


Young student of age 24 with overall thinning treated with 2000 grafts. Shown here is the results witnessed in 9 months.


Male implanted with 1550 grafts to cover up his entire baldness. Shown here are the results witnessed in 8 month post his treatment


"I am fully satisfied after the hair transplant surgery. The hair transplant team and all support staffs are great and help full people. Berkowits has changed my life. Thanks to Berkowits. Please keep your good work and change people's life"

Surjeet Arora
Robotic Hair transplant with 1500 grafts


I had lost my confidence due to my baldness, but Berkowits made it possible to over come with this situation by there robotic Hair transplant. Now i have my own hairs. I thank Berkowits, who made it possible for me.

Shailesh Jain


Thanks to all those who suggested Berkowits to me. Because of them and all the staff in Berkowits, i can now again use comb to my Hair. Thanku very much.

Promod Arora


Berkowits came with a hope of light in my life, and they do proved it correct that they are the pioneers in hair transplant. What ever the technology they use, they are the masters of it. I congratulate Berkowits for winning trust and heart of many.

Rajesh sood


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