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Birthmarks, Age Spots and Laser Tattoo Removal Treatment

Men and women who have age spots, brown birthmarks, tattoos can be benefited from the laser technology available at Berkowits. Prior to the treatment you need to evaluate the best treatment that can offer you the best results. This can be better done by the experts at Berkowits who can diagnose the problem and determine the best treatment for you.

The birthmarks come in different size and shape and even are troublesome for few of them. With the help of gold standard Q-switched laser technology, birthmarks can be removed. At present, there are not many treatments to remove birthmarks and laser is one of them and has the ability to offer brilliant results.

BirthMarks Removal-Age spot & Tattoo Removal Treatment
Q-switched Laser Technology

Modern technology can remove the birthmarks in a harmless way. The laser treatment is very sophisticated and the procedure involves a customized wavelength which is applied to the skin. It works by breaking down the coloration in order to fade away the mark and combines with the skin around that area without scarring.

Age spots also known as liver spots are brownish in color and discolor the skin. It generally happens to those who are above 40. They generally occur in area that is the most exposed to sun like forehead, forearms, face, shoulders. Pigmentation on the skin can be due to the liver spots or age spots. They occur when excess of sun exposure causes melanin in the skin darkening the skin tone. Dark pigmentation can be witnessed on the elbows, ankles and other exposed areas. Laser therapy can remove away the unwanted darkened skin.

Q Switched Yag Laser for age spots and tattoo removal

The removal of brown age spots on the face, chest, arms and hands is now easy with Q-Switched Yag laser. It also provides a permanent solution to get rid of tattooed makeup. The treatment is conducted under the strict guidance of physicians who are mastered in offering productive results. The treatment is safe and is a successful method to treat both age spots and tattoos.

With the fading collagen levels due to the age factor lips lose their fullness. The Yag laser technology which is a boon also helps in the enhancement of lips. The technology smoothes wrinkles around the mouth and is ideal for people above 18 years. It is safe for all skin types and for optimum results generally 5 sessions are required.

If you are also bothered by the signs of aging, face lift surgery may be the best option for you. Face lift, also known as rhytidectomy is a surgical process to enhance visible signs of aging in the face and neck. It is the most renowned way to get rid of or diminish the appearance of wrinkles and sagging of the face caused by age.

Tattoo Removal Treatment In Delhi
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