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Anti Ageing with Botox and Fillers Treatment

Berkowits Hair & Skin Clinic
Delhi's Best Anti Aging Treatments  Provider with Proven Results.

At Berkowits Hair & Skin Clinic, we are proud to provide a wide variety of anti aging treatments, suitable for all skin types, colors and ages. Each is tailored to treat the clients' specific skin conditions.

The aging process is a natural phenomenon and can be treated with the help of anti-aging treatments that includes Botox, fillers and IAL system. All the treatments are safe and use the minimum invasive technology to treat the skin. 


Botox is the most hassle free and safe anti-aging treatment that can diminish the wrinkles. An outpatient treatment that not only smoothes the wrinkles but also softens the creases formed on the skin. A pain-free procedure approved by FDA offers you instant recovery and helps in restoring the beauty of your skin. The treatment works by relaxing the muscles that contract and develop wrinkles. The wrinkles will get smoother in a couple of days after availing the Botox. Botox injections are only a temporary solution that only lasts for a limited time period (generally 6 months to 1 year). The patient will feel minimum discomfort during the treatment because of the needle used in the process that is injected into the skin. Although, the treatment will show immediate results but full visible results will be noticed only after a week or two.


Fillers offer a temporary solution and a firm, wrinkle free skin & also diminish scars and spots. The top layer of skin has proteins that have elastin and collagen in it. These two proteins are responsible for offering you a smooth and soft skin. With age this protein tends to lose its elasticity and leaves out fine lines and scars on the face. Berkowits in Delhi, offers fillers that can smooth and erase the lines formed on skin. The result lasts for four months to eight months and additional sessions are required during the year to witness beneficial results. The fillers Restylane and Juvederm are clinically proven and offer drastic results. Stay away from the wrinkles and fine lines & experience a youthful skin.

IAL or Restylane Vital

IAL or Restylane Vital are hyaluronic acid injectables which is a natural substance and is injected into the skin to give it a young-looking appearance. It offers suppleness, firmness and hydrates the skin. The anti-aging treatment is now available in Delhi-India and increases the production of collagen which is the key to a natural young skin. The product is adaptable and offers visible improvements on the skin. IAL system improves softness and prevents the formation of wrinkles for prolonged period. It acts as an antioxidant that helps in maintaining the younger look.


Whenever you buy a product from the market, you notice that it has got a particular period of warranty and expiry. If it is a machine, then you know that it has got its own period of wear and tear after which it begins to degrade. Our human body is no different. Each body has got its own quotient of health, vigor and vitality based on genetic structure, environment and other factors.

It is in this process that the ageing also happens. As you have noticed, there are those who show signs of ageing early and those who don’t. At one point or the other, ageing does become a concern and dealing with it becomes an issue. While it can be called as a fear which is hard to combat, nature has given us a solution in the form of advanced science and technology. And the best solution you can find for your ageing issues is at Berkowits.

Basically, there are two forms of ageing known as intrinsic ageing and extrinsic ageing. It is the extrinsic ageing wherein elements such as sunlight, environmental pollution, diet and lifestyle can contribute to ageing. The most common signs of ageing you would see is on your face in the form of wrinkles and if you can get over them then it brings a lot of confidence and also elevates your self esteem.



The reason why Berkowits Hair & Skin Clinic in Delhi has become the sought after destination for Anti Ageing & Skin Tightening treatment is due to the armamentarium of techniques and the presence of dermatologists who possess vast experience and in-depth understanding of skin and ageing.

Above all, Berkowits stands ahead of the rest due to the stringent protocols followed in administering treatments delivering maximum safety and comfort to each one of you.



There are different types of treatments available at Berkowits Hair & Skin Clinic based on your issues such as Muscle Relaxers, Fillers and every process is done only after a detailed study of your case is done by our specialists.

Above all, Berkowits stands ahead of the rest due to the stringent protocols followed in administering treatments delivering maximum safety and comfort to each one of you..



Are there types in wrinkles?

Yes, there are two types of wrinkles known as dynamic (which occur during expressions) and static (at rest).

Where are the wrinkles found?

Most of the wrinkles are found at the corner of the eyes, forehead horizontal lines, upper part of the nose, the laughter lines around the mouth and the mid brow region.

What are the different types of treatment at Berkowits Hair & Skin Clinic?

Berkowits offers the best of treatment for wrinkles and other age related issues on the skin. Notable among them are the Muscle Relaxers treatment and the Fillers Treatment(Skin Tightening Treatment). Based on the analysis made by the initial diagnosis and reports, it would be decided on which form of treatment needs to be administered.

Will there be any side-effects to these treatments?

Nothing that you have to be really concerned of, in few cases there could be mild swelling or some redness but they are temporary. Since our specialists at Berkowits ensure that the entire process is done providing maximum comfort to you and the required precautions are taken,side effect profile would be almost nil.​.

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