Treatment For Skin Pigmentation And Under Eyes Dark Circle Removal

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Pigmentation and Under Eye Circle Treatment

Pigmentation means abnormal discolouring of the skin. Your skin color is totally based upon the skin cells and melanin is the substance that is produced by these skin cells. Damaged and unhealthy cells affect the production of melanin and causes pigmentation & patchy skin. There needs to be a balance in the production of melanin. Too much melanin causes dark skin and little melanin makes your skin light and prone to UV exposure.

Genes, age, seasonal allergies are the culprits for the formation of under eye circle. To evaluate the reason for the occurrence of under eye circle you need to stretch the under eye area gently. If that area is dark then the reason is either genes or age factor. If no change is found in the color then UV rays or some allergies that you have inherited is to be blamed.

Dark spots on face that is caused to the increased deposition of the melanin is a widespread condition that makes the skin dark, patchy. Skin discoloration causes unevenness in the skin tone but the treatments available at Berkowits are specially designed to meet the patient's needs. The special fruit acid peels and herbal peels, acugel, microdermabrasion, acupuncture can offer good results to people suffering from dark spots, dark circles, pigmentation on the face.

Dark circles are not the indication of any illness, in fact they make you look torn, tired and old. Seen in both men and women under eye circle starts to develop after 40's. Even children too can have dark circles.

Factors that contribute to the formation of under eye circles are:-
  • Inadequate sleep
  • Stress
  • Smoking
  • Heredity
  • Sun exposure
  • Too much rubbing of eyes
  • Nasal congestion
Diet that one should intake:-
  • Limit caffeine, junk food and alcohol
  • Consume as much water you can
  • Intake more fruits and vegetables

Besides the diet follow up try to get adequate sleep and remove stress from your life. Berkowits, the hair and skin clinic is the one stop solution to all your skin disorders. All the treatments available for the skin are clinically approved and have proven results.

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