With the induction of technologies in our day to day life style, we want things to be quick and more like permanent. Let’s be real; you may not wake up early after almost every 7 days to shave your legs. <br> Perhaps you’d also wouldn’t want your legs look like Amazon forest during rainy season. And waxing had remained always your last option at the cost of those unbearable painful screams.

Shaving had always been more of an annoying thing, specially the experience of prickles when you wear those slim fit jean. But as I said, technology had always been the saviour to many awkward situations, amongst which Permanent laser Hair reduction is one of them.

spoke to Berkowits Hair & Skin Clinic to give you 10 things you must know before opting for Permanent Laser Hair Reduction

1. The technology:- This technology uses a cosmetic laser to destroy the existing follicular roots and minimizing down the process of new follicle re-growth. The laser wavelength is adjusted in consideration to the patient’s skin and hair type. To achieve minimized hair re-growth for about 2 years; the treatment is recommended for a 6 session sittings.

2. Pre Treatment do’s and don’ts:- Like any other skin or hair treatment, permanent laser hair reduction treatment also recommends the following do’s and don’ts before the treatment:

a. Stay out of sunlight before the treatment session: If you are tanned or sunburned you can’t receive this treatment.

b. Shave the area you are getting the treatment done, but don’t get it waxed: Remember, laser identify the pigments of your follicles and target to destroy it. Waxing eradicates the follicle with the root.

3.Be advised: Your physician shall get you a test patch done before:- It is quite hard to say that which skin or hair type would respond positive with the treatment. Possible mild complications like temporary pigmentation, discoloration, scarring may occur with some skin type, which is why a test patch is carried out to identify any possible skin problems.

4.You would need a minimum of 6 sessions to attain desirable results:- If you are like impatient candidate who think it is One-And-Done kind a deal, then you are at the wrong post. To achieve desirable results, one must devote their time for a minimum but consistent 6 sessions of treatment sittings.

5. Time utilization:- Depending upon the body area, your treatment session may go from 20 minutes to an hour.

6. Prominent results: You may be the queen of impatience, but believe me it would take a minimum time of 3 months to visibly notice the desired results. The dramatic increase in drop of hair growth can then be experienced even more after that.

7. Lighter hair tone may be harder to treat but not impossible:- As I explained earlier, that laser light targets the pigments of follicles, which means that dark hair follicle are easy to treat as compared to lighter tones of hair tone like, grey, white, blonde, etc, but not impossible. For these kind of hair tones, Nd:Yag laser technology is recommended the most. However you must first consult with your physician.

8. Possible complications/side effects:- The most common side effect after the treatment is noticed as getting red-burns, similar to sun-burns. Other possible mild complications can be experienced as, acne, pigmentation, scarring or discoloration. It is highly recommended to consult your physician and must be open with all health related medical history.

9. Do not pluck or wax after the treatment.

10. Avoid perfumes or deodorants directly sprayed on the treated area.