Scalp hair is the most prominent feature of every individual. It is what makes us unique and gives us an identity. Naturally, we all want shiny, flowy hair that is pleasing to look at and makes us feel confident. However, it’s one thing to aspire for long flowy hair and quite the other to actually make your hair grow faster. A number of factors are involved in making beautiful hair a reality. Let’s explore some of the important hair growth tips:

  • Develop A Good Hair Hygiene: Use a mild shampoo to wash your hair regularly to make it silky, soft and clean. And if you have dull or damaged hair, use moisturizing products that are specifically meant to treat this condition. Comb your hair often to ensure they don’t get tangled.
  • Trim Regularly: Always keep your hair trimmed to avoid split ends. It sounds like an oxymoron, but regular trimming is required for proper hair growth as split ends tend to interfere with hair growth once these become old and cannot be repaired. Hence, regular trimming is recommended for hair growth.
  • Avoid Stress: Stress is an invisible factor that becomes a major roadblock to hair growth. A considerable amount of stress puts a large number of hair follicles into a resting phase that takes quite a long time to recuperate. Avoid stress as much as possible to prevent hair loss.
  • Consider Multivitamins: Our fast-paced lives leave us with little or often no time at all to have a wholesome diet jeopardizing our nutrition intake and subsequently, the health of hair. Having multivitamins takes care of this problem as these pills pack a punch and are a very good source of Vitamin C and Vitamin B3 that provide nourishment to the hair and also consider biotin. It is effective infredient to promote your hair gowth.
  • Say No To Excess Styling: Hair procedures such as curling, bleaching, straightening, perming etc. no doubt work, but if done in excess, these end up weakening the hair roots and hamper hair growth.
  • PRP Treatment: PRP or Platelet Rich Plasma treatment is an effective method of promoting hair growth. In this procedure, micro-holes are carved on the scalp first and a platelet-rich plasma is then injected deep under the scalp layer that stimulates hair follicles and helps them grow faster. This treatment works best for people facing thinning or miniaturized hair.
  • Hair Loss Treatment: You can always go for a specialized hair loss treatment offered at hair clinics if you have a hair condition that requires clinical intervention. Modern hair treatments such as Laser Hair Therapy (LHT) and Micro-needling / Mesorollers are super-effective treatments for hair loss that are easy to perform without any discomfort. And the results come in the form of brand new hair.

Inculcating these tips into your everyday routine can surely do wonders for your hair. All it takes is forming a disciplined routine for your hair, a balanced diet, and carrying out some basic hair care for you to look your best everyday!