A Complete Guide For Hair Loss Treatment For Men

Hair loss has been a problem for men since centuries. The slow process of thinning of hair and male pattern baldness can get frustrating. Hair loss for men can lower the confidence level and may affect their career and personal life as well. The right knowledge and treatment is the way to deal with this problem.

 Hair Loss Stages

Male pattern baldness also called androgenetic alopecia has 7 stages of hair loss.

Stage I: Hairline is on the upper brow crease with no hair loss or thinning.

Stage II: Hairline moves above the upper brow crease.

Stage III: There is a further regression of the hairline with symmetrical hair loss or thinning at the temples. ‘Baldness’ becomes apparent at this stage.

Stage IV: Additional hair loss at the crown area appears along with further recession of the frontal hairline and hair the temple areas.

Stage V: Hair loss progresses further. The band of hair between the crown area and hairline thins out. This is severe baldness.

Stage VI: Band of hair between the crown and frontal area becomes very thin and horseshoe-shaped.

Stage VII: Hair remains only at the back and sides of the scalp.



What options we have according to the stages — 

1. Safe laser treatment: Laser hair therapy is a non-invasive technique. 160 laser diodes stimulate hair growth and help repair damaged cells. The scientific principle is photo-biostimulation.

2. A micro needle roller: Tiny 1mm length needles are rolled on the scalp. This technique is called Mesotherapy. It is similar to acupuncture. micro injuries encourage blood circulation and skin regeneration. DHT also reduces which is known to hamper hair growth. No anesthesia is needed.

3. PRP treatment for hair loss: One’s own Platelet-rich plasma is injected into the scalp. The growth factors in the blood promote hair growth. Pain level differs in each patient. Topical anesthesia, deep sedation or general anesthesia is given. Read more to know about PRP treatment.

4. Hair Surgery: Hair from the scalp is transplanted to the recipient bald area. There are many Hair Treatment techniques like F.U.E. (follicular unit extraction), F.U.T. (follicular unit transplantation) and Robotic known as S.A.F.E.R. technique (Robotic FUE). They give good outcomes but remain expensive.

5. Hair Replacement: Artificial hair replacement is commonly used and provides good results. Commonly known as ‘Wig fixing’ or ‘Weaving’, this technique provides a cosmetic covering of the baldness. It is a quick, non-surgical procedure, a cost-effective procedure to give the required hair density. Read more to know about Hair Replacement Techniques.

6. Hair Products (used at home):  hair fall treatment for men or hair fall solution can be done by home using laser combs, Minoxidil, hair vitamins, growth stimulators, SLS free shampoos, leave-in treatment and vitamin plus conditioners. These are effective hair solutions at home with Hair Loss Products available as packages at our Berkowits clinic.

Variety of Hair loss treatments for men in Delhi is available at Berkowits Clinic. Any stage of hair loss, whether early or late, solutions for hair loss in men are here. Expert Trichologists and trained professionals will guide you for the perfect hair.



Extra hair solution for hair loss

1. Keratin hair fiber is instant and best solution for you hairlines. It's add volume and thickness and cover your thin hair without any damaging. Have a look.

2. Berkowits Grow Hair Nutrition is a combination of 20 key Vitamins & Minerals combined with 13 Amino Acids and Grape Seed Extract. It provides holistic nutrition to support healthy hair and may promote hair growth when used regularly.