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Throughout history, healthy hair has always been looked upon as an integral part of one's personality, making hair loss a relatively sensitive issue when it does occur. Hair fall represents a significant chunk of the most common aesthetic problems today. Lack of awareness only adds to the illusion and misconception that hair loss has little or no cure. But all that is set to change. The advances made by medical research has given rise to a breakthrough treatment for hair loss - autologous stem cell therapy.

Comments | Posted in Anupriya Goel By R K Shrivastaw

Platelet Rich Plasma or PRP for hair restoration is an advanced technique that uses your own blood to stimulate new hair growth and for face rejuvenation. PRPs strong regenerative ability is a promising non-surgical solution that can help regrow areas of thinning hair, add natural fullness to your scalp, combat the effects of hair loss and help you achieve long-lasting hair restoration results.


Comments | Posted in Anupriya Goel By R K Shrivastaw
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