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Let’s first get the term right, ‘Cowlicks’ has nothing to do with cows or licking. They are just a blob of hair growing in a different direction than the rest of hair. Existing since ages, whoring hair patterns are regardless of any gender and you are just born with it. A vast majority of them appears on our forehead and are also visible in body hair, chest, legs and even in beards.

The Reasons:

The hair on our head needs to go in three directions: forward, backwards and on the sides. A most likely cause of cowlick pattern is when hair gets confused on whether it needs to move straight, backwards or on the sides.


The answer would be No. The direction of your hair is in place before birth hence there is no way you can fix cowlick patterns. However, common way to fix this is to use hairstyles strategically.  

The Million-Dollar Question: Difference between a Cowlick and Balding!

A cowlick can often give an appearance of balding however Hair Miniaturization is one differential between the two. Miniaturization is a hormone-driven biological process which involves hair size shrinkage over time eventually leaving a balding scalp. When miniaturizing is allowed to continue, the hair growth cycle shortens with hair strands no longer penetrating the scalp resulting in Baldness.

Since baldness is related to follicle degeneration, once this occurs there is no hope for hair regrowth. If no miniaturization is present, then balding is not an immediate issue. This indicates no hair loss is taking place.

While it is an established fact that cowlick is not an early sign of baldness, it is always good to know early signs like:

  • Thinning of hair
  • Shedding
  • Receding hairline
  • Itchy scalp
  • Family history

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