hair loss myths and facts


Along with vital facts come great myths. Just how stressed does one need to be for hairfall? Is your hair fall temporary or permanent? What is male pattern baldness? Are there any home remedies for baldness?


As far as male baldness in India is concerned, myths abound with many men in their 20’s inching towards baldness.


A recent report in Times of India suggest 70% of men aged 25 on an average reported some kind of hair loss. Over the years the number of patients with receding hairline or pattern baldness has considerably increased owing to rise in pollution and chronic stress levels. With 60-70 % patients examined for hair fall on daily basis, the majority of hair loss cases fall into the male pattern baldness or pattern hair loss.


Let’s bust some of the most brazen balding myths:


  • Myth 1# - It’s in your father’s  genes

One of the most common myths doing the rounds on the internet is its hereditary.

  • Fact - This is completely untrue as hair density is a polygenic trait, in a lay man’s language it means it is determined by more than one ancestor’s gene.



  • Myth 2# - Mastrubation

If this was true then every person in this planet would be bald.  

  • Fact – Most of the leading health expert say that masturbation is a healthy way to release stress and experience pleasure. In this case masturbation could actually be a solution for it.



  • Myth 3# - Excessive Hair Wash

Most people who think washing your hair regularly causes hair fall should think twice.

  • Fact - It is but normal to lose some hair while washing, it is part of the natural growth cycle.



  • Myth 4# - Wearing a hat suffocates your hair

This is a familiar misconception and worry for most of us. But don’t worry!

  • Fact – Unless you are wearing a really tight hat or a cap that cuts off the blood circulation you can wear it as much as you want to. 


  • Myth 5# - Hair loss is permanent

A common notion among men experiencing pattern baldness is the fear of permanent baldness. However this is only partially true.

  • Fact – Testosterone is the main hormone considered for hair loss. Thanks to Berkowits hair loss treatments that effectively reduce levels of hair follicle shrinking hormones, it’s possible to get hair back!



  • Myth 6# - Hair loss is a predicament of old age.

It’s true that hair tends to thin out as we grow older. However, thinning can begin as early as puberty.

  • Fact – For men, hair loss can begin as early as teenage. In such cases it is necessary to consult a hair restoration specialist like Berkowits.



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