hair loss

Hair is truly the crowning glory of a person. A full head of hair is deemed as a yardstick of  beauty, style, stature. It’s a fact that millennials are experiencing baldness as early as in their 20’s. Premature balding has become a trend these days. Catching the first peek onto a receding hairline or an emerging bald spot can be a petrifying realization – not different from the feeling of being punched in the stomach. Psychologists and psychotherapists feel men fear losing their attractiveness when they lose their hair leading to low self-esteem. Especially in Indian society bald men often become the butt of other people’s jokes.  However, it is important to accept hair loss for what it is – something very natural.

Here’s a guide how to deal with hair loss and overcoming it

Don’t be in a denial mode – Denial can be the first stage in this process and can further the trauma of facing an unusual ordeal. It is vital to accept the fact and move on instead of adopting a typical defense mechanism. You can deal with it in a healthiest possible way by accepting it first and talking to professionals like Berkowit’s Dermatologists.

Try to regain control – It helps to be a little proactive in such a situation and avoid further hair degeneration by asking the right people and going for the right hair loss treatment – at the earliest.

The reconstruction process – Now that you have taken the plunge of going for a hair loss treatment, it is important to consult a right hair restoration doctor to help you with your treatment.

Positivity – It’s a powerful tool during the phase of getting ‘back on track’. Never lose it.


Some men love being bald and make it a style statement and some men like their hair short and then there are men who seriously seek to regain their lost hair. If you belong to the last category, and have noticed your hairline is receding of late, don’t hesitate to call Berkowits NOW!