Wigs are a fascinating invention that possesses the ability to dramatically change the overall appearance of an individual. Wigs come in a variety of shapes and styles that can often become a confusing task when it comes to making a choice. Here, we will explore a few handy tips on making the right selection of wigs that suit the shape of your face and give you the desired look.

On a basic level, there are three types of wigs, partial coverage wigs, full-cap wigs, open-cap wigs and even men’s wigs. Let’s see how to choose the best wig according to the shape of your face.


  • Oval Shaped - A lot of women are born with oval-shaped faces, giving them the advantage of going with maximum varieties of wigs with ease. Wigs that are short and long, wavy or straight suit this facial shape. 
  • Celebrities with this shape:  John Abraham, Shahid Kapoor, Katrina Kaif



  • Heart Shaped – People with this shape face have a narrow chin with a forehead that’s wider than the jaw, giving it the shape of a heart. Blunt fringe – a type of wig – is short and has volume goes well with this shape. Wigs that stress more on the upper face or wig styles with partings should be avoided with this face shape.
  • Celebrities with this shape:  Deepika Padukone


  • Round Shaped - For people with a round face, wigs that have volume and are full at the crown go well with this shape face. Wigs with layers and cut close to the face add length making it appear slimmer. Centre parting wigs and short-cropped wigs should be avoided for people with this facial cut. The best fit for a round face are wigs that end at the bottom of the chin, long length wigs that have wispy sides and wigs with longer thinner fringe are the best fit for a round shape face.
  • Celebrities with this shape: Ranbir Kapoor, Sonakshi Sinha, Alia Bhatt



  • Square Shaped - For a square shaped face, short hairstyle wigs and layered bobs that end above the jaw are just the right fit if the forehead and jawline of the same width and length. Avoid long straight wigs for this type of face shape. Wigs of shoulder length and short layers make for the best accompaniment for a square shape face.
  • Celebrities with this shape: Sharukh khan, Ranveer Singh, Anushka Sharma, Kareena Kapoor Khan


  • Diamond Shaped - You can recognize a diamond shaped face where the hairline or the jawline are narrower but the hairline seems wide. Short hair wigs look great on people with this unique face shape. Lengthy side-parted bangs work well for this shape as it highlights the cheekbones of people with this diamond bone structure.
  • Celebrities with this shape: Malaika Arora, Koena Mitra



  • Oblong Shaped - For an oblong shaped face, the best hairdo that looks good is one that is short to medium in length with longer layers on top that minimizes the length of the face. Avoid wigs with one-length cuts as they tend to make the face look even longer.
  • Celebrities with this shape: Salman Khan, Hrithik Roshan,



Thanks to modern cosmetology, today you have access to countless styles, colors, shapes, and sizes of Hair wigs for men and women that are affordable as well. A hair wigs price in Delhi is determined by a range of factors. Visit your hair clinic to get an exhaustive know-how on the advantages and transformation hair wigs can bring.