Male pattern baldness is a process, which is indeed slow, dreaded and demotivating. The miniaturization to balding can be differentiated with stages, which are:

 Hair loss treatment

Stages Of Hair Loss


Stage I: 

No Hair Loss. The head is full of hair


Stage II: 

This stage has an adolescent hairline with minor recession of hairline or crown of the head.
Treatment Recommended: Hair Loss Treatment with the combination of Derma Roller and Laser hair Therapy


Stage III: 

This is the early stage of baldness. This stage has a deep symmetrical recession at the temples or at the crown, which may be either bare or sparsely covered with miniaturized hair.
Treatment Recommended: Combination of Fin astride or Minoxidil with Derma Roller and Laser hair therapy. Hair Transplant may be considered here for reinstating frontal hairline.


Stage IV:

 Advancing from stage III, it shows deep recession at the front of the head in temple areas. Bald spot at the crown is evident and in many cases a bridge of sparse hair form the top to the front is visible.
Treatment Recommended: Combination of hair Transplant of around 2000 to 3000 grafts on temples and crown and PRP sessions may be considered. Minoxidil usage is recommended to retain non-transplanted hair.


Stage V:

This stage marks the beginning of severe hair loss. Small separation (sometimes no separation is visible. see STAGE VA) between the loss of hair at the hairline and the loss of hair at the crown is visible.
Treatment Recommended: Combination of hair Transplant of around 3000 to 4000 grafts on temples and crown and PRP sessions may be considered. Combination of Laser Hair Therapy and Minoxidil usage is recommended to retain both transplanted and non-transplanted hair.


Stage VI: 

When seen from above, the remaining hair on head resembles somewhat like horseshoe shape. Few sparse strands may be visible on crown. Hair loss on the sides of the head will also extend further at this stage.
Treatment Recommended: Combination of Hair Transplant and Hair replacement remains the choice. However dense hair transplant only on hairline and side temples may solve some purpose.


Stage VII: 

The most advanced stage of hair loss, only a wreath of thin hair remains on the sides and back of the scalp.
Treatment Recommended: Hair Replacement with weaving, bonding or taping method.



Treatment recommended on this blog is purely under the influence of research work. You are advised to consult your dermatologist before proceeding for any treatment for any stage of hair loss.



Solutions For Hair Loss Stages 


1. Safe laser treatment

2. A micro-needle roller

3. PRP Hair loss treatment

4. Hair Surgery

5. Hair Replacement

6. Hair Products (used at home)

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