Laser Tattoo Removal – Is it safe and effective?

 “I am inked! My body is a canvas of my feeling and experience, you can read my story imprinted in fine lines and colorful shades on my face, my arms, my shoulders, my legs and my back.” Etching anything on body has a special and a deeper meaning behind it. But what happens when you have outgrown the phase? When the emotion that led to that tattoo is just a dot of memory, no more? When you are ready for a ‘new life’, so to speak?

In other words, what do you do when you no longer need that tattoo and want to get rid of it?


Start the journey of safe laser tattoo removal with Berkowits. Our Q-switched Yag Laser treatment is capable enough to offer powerful tattoo removal at economical price. It is a successful method which is safe to remove both age spot and TATTOOS. We accept challenges and treat all types of tattoos – professional, cosmetic, amateur and traumatic. In this process something that you need -

Prepare Yourself –

First set the expectation and get a permanent tattoo removal treatment consultation. Talk to the laser treatment expert. Remember, no tattoo removal is guaranteed, and is totally dependent on skin type and many other factors. In laser removal some tattoos fade partly, and may leave an impression. For that you may need a cover up. So before you starts get it clear answer for all and then do with the treatment.

Decide the engagement cycle –

Have a clear impression that this practice will need multiple treatments. Unfortunately, the number of sittings required is not something that can be determined during first discussion. Be specific about the standard treatments session. Meanwhile, it is also important to define a downtime – recommended least time in between two sessions.

Location does matter –

Yup it’s true! Location does matter for your tattoo removal. The fading is slower for those areas which are far from heart like legs or arms. The circulation rate is high close to heart results a better elimination.

Tattoo Type –

The success of removal is fully dependent on the type of tattoo you have - Professional, Amateur, Traumatic or Cosmetic Tattoo. Each has a different penetration and saturation level of ink that define the type of treatment required for removal.

Most importantly - Educate yourself for Q-Switched Yag Laser

In this technology a laser emits light energy in pulsed beam form. A firm beam light - Q-switched Yag Laser emits a very tiny and penetrating pulse of light followed by a no light (which is a very short period). It may have long pulse (few milliseconds) or short pulse (few nanoseconds). The technology heat and destroy the tissues and pigments without damaging your skin.

Drive in with the tattoo removal decision –

It is a successful method which safely and excellently removes tattoos without damaging your skin. Normally it involves some level of pain and it hurts but is bearable. And at Berkowits it is performed by qualified doctors having years of experience on the same platform.

Berkowits provides safe, tested and effective tattoo removal procedure. Book your appointment with Berkowits Hair And Skin Clinic, you may contact on or Call at 91-9999 6666 99.Website: