No matter if you have just started losing hair or have been using a cap to cover that bald spot for years, choosing the right Hair Loss Treatment can be challenging. Here’s a list of the 10 best hair loss treatments.

    1. Nutrition- Though it wont bring back your hair, the right nutrition is key to maintaining healthy thick hair. Protein rich foods and healthy fats ensure your hair gets proper nutrition. Look for foods rich in Biotin and Zinc such as Eggs, Spinach, Fish and Chicken.
    2. Laser Light Therapy- It is the latest US:FDA approved treatment for Hair Loss It works by stimulating blood flow to the hair follicle while reducing inflammation of the hair follicle.
    3. Hair Transplant- No longer the complicated surgery it used to be, Hair Transplant is now become a minimally invasive procedure that will leave you with a full head of hair. What’s more is that you will be back to your normal life within a day of the surgery!.
    4. Finasteride: The only US:FDA approved medicine for re-growing hair, it works by blocking DHT, the primary cause of angrogeneticaloepecia. However, It has been reported to have some temporary side effects.
    5. Platlet Rich Plasma: Plasma is responsible for tissue growth and healing. These growth factors are extracted from the patient’s blood and injected in the scalp to promote healing and growth of the hair root.

    1. Mesotherapy: A technique similar to Platlet Rich Plasma, it works on the principle of micro-injuries that means causing small injuries to your scalp so that your body releases its natural growth and healing factors that promote hair growth.
    2. Hair Replacement- Bollywood’s favorite treatment, it is the only cosmetic treatment in the list and can give amazing results in only 2 hours.
    3. Minoxidil- Another US:FDA approved treatment for stopping hair loss, it is perhaps the most famous hair loss drug in the world. It makes your existing hair thick and healthy by ensuring maximum blood flow to the hair follicle.
    4. Scalp Hygiene- A dirty scalp full of dandruff and impurities may also lead to hair loss due to the clogging of pores. A healthy scalp is necessary for healthy hair.

  1. A Dermatologist- Hair loss may be a symptom of something else that’s going on with your body. Some of the most common possibilities are; Hormone irregularities, Thyroid abnormalities, Lupus and Anemia.

It is imperative to understand that the above treatments are all gradual and expectations must be aligned for a positive result.

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