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Along with vital facts come great myths. Just how stressed does one need to be for hairfall? Is your hair fall temporary or permanent? What is male pattern baldness? Are there any home remedies for baldness? 

 Hair Loss Myths and Facts

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Natural Hair Re-Growth

In most of the cases, hair fall which has not taken the form of Alopecia does not require any sort of treatment. Hair grows as per its own lifecycle and a large number of hairs, at any given time are either dying or in resting phase, which eventually leads to hair fall. And therefore, it is normal to lose almost 50-90 hair per day. However, if the numbers are alarming then in such cases, it is time for a thorough diagnosis and treatment.


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Stress, whether it is physical or emotional does impact hair growth cycle and can also trigger or worsen hair loss. Though the exact mechanism of how stress as sole cause can impact hair fall is not very clearly known, but there are obvious links between stress and hair loss.

Stress related hair loss


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What is Hair: Hair is a form of protein known as keratin that is produced in the follicles. Every healthy human being has around one lakh hair follicles, out of which hair grows throughout life. The growth of hair is based on production of kertain in the hair follicles. Hence, it is safe to say that hair growth is dependent on how hair follicles behave. The part of hair that remains inside the skin layer and in case of scalp is buried within the fat layer of scalp tissue is called the follicles.

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Natural Remedies For Hair Nourishment

Sep 19, 2014 8:54:40 AM

Besides dealing with the numerous problems that daily life throws at you, you now are faced with a receding hair line as well, only adding to the level of stress. Thinning hair and such problems can make anyone worry, however using volume boosting products is not a long term solution. Here some tips on how to prevent hair loss and regrow hair using natural remedies-

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There are few people in this world, when given a choice that would happily accept hair loss. The emotional and social challenges of getting used to and living with hair loss can be quite challenging for most of us.

The Catch 22 with hair loss is that while stress is often attributed to the condition, it is the actual discovery of hair loss that eventually results in additional stress. Whether you are a man or woman, the outcome is almost always the same.

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