Wedding season is around the corner. We know because of the engagement/Roka pictures popping up on Facebook and happy couplehash tags trending on Instagram. Apart from food, Ethnicwear and rituals, Gifts are an integral part of the big fat Indian wedding.

The traditional unimaginative Shagan has faced a drastic decrease in popularity. The youth does not want to be associated with the idea of ‘gifting money’. The idea of a gift is slowly changing from the traditionally functional/utility based approach to a more imaginative and expressive ‘thought-based’ ideas.

One of the most popular gifts this season has been ‘Laser Hair Removal’ for the groom/bride. It often works as an intersection of utility and thought for the friends of the groom/bride with many gifting hair removal treatments for intimate areas as a naughty gesture.

It is also fairly common for the family to gift laser hair removal treatment to the bride/groom as an integral part of the godh bharai / Tilak ceremony (The bride is gifted with make-up products, jewellery, henna, sarees, suits, handbags, footwear, fruits, sweets and baby toys. The gifts are placed in the bride’s lap (Godh) and that’s where the ceremony derives its name of Godh-Bharai)

Let’s consider why Laser Hair Removal is gaining popularity:


No more waxing/ shaving or tweezing. Gets rid of unwanted hair forever.


Apart from a minor pricking sensation, the treatment is relatively pain-free and makes for an excellent lunchtime program.

3. IT’S SAFE :

There are no adverse affects of laser hair removal in the long or short run!

With all these advantages, it is no wonder that the treatment is gaining popularity as a wedding gift. It fulfills the need for a thoughtful while functional gift almost perfectly.

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