Things To Know When You Have A Hair Transplant

Hair transplant has become an urban trend and is fast catching up in the tier 2 cities. Hair being the most pivotal aspect of one’s charismatic personality, the hair transplant procedure has negligible probability of risk neither has any major side effects. However does a very important task of solving the misery of numerous individuals and resurrecting their lost confidence.

Before you take the plunge of this very important procedure, it is important to familiarize with these things:

  1. 1.       People in general have no clue what a hair transplant procedure is:

Its audacious to think hair transplant procedure involves shaving off the hair from one part of your head and putting it back to another part OR removing hair from another part of the body and then reattaching It to your head. The procedure involves a doctor plucking 8000 hair from the back of your head to re-inserting them one by one towards the scalp where it is most required. The procedure takes 20 hours.

  1. 2.       Full proof procedure, works really well:

Don’t just take our words, read what some of our esteemed clients have to say about the procedure at Berkowits Advance Hair and Skin Clinic: . With the right doctors at Berkowits and right level of pre-op baldness the results are sure to be incredible.

  1. 3.       Life Changing Experience:

If you are bald or experiencing hair fall, you would relate to the feeling of losing hair. At Berkowits we give you back the lost confidence and self-esteem you thought would never return.

  1. 4.       Notice who else had done the transplant procedure:

With the price of transplants going down in India, the club is only going to get bigger.

  1. 5.       Subtlety is the key:

When you go from nothing to something it’s important to take it easy and not expect to become like a supermodel. Subtlety is the key and not to be too loud. 


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