We are so busy building our careers that we tend to ignore our health. Our schedules don’t allow us to focus on our mind and body and this, in turn, leads to weight gain, dull skin, diseases etc. Even the corporates these days give weight age to candidates who are groomed well not only in terms of their education but how presentable they look. For working ladies, it becomes all the more difficult, as they have to juggle between their personal, professional and social life. Finally, we have the relentlessly harsh weather taking a toll on our skin.


Skin care is an imperative for any individual these days. Problem is, facials, cleanups or other skin massages can take upto an hour, per session. And we just don’t have that sort of time!


But there’s good news. And it’s called PEELING!


Why go for peeling? 

It does precisely what facials and cleanups don’t! That apart, it is a super time-saving treatment – so you both save time AND get a great looking skin! Isn’t that a win? You can wrap up a peeling session within 5 minutes – which makes it easy to sweeze one in during your lunch break!


The magic of peeling!

PeeIing removes the thin, outer layer of your skin, exfoliates it and lets your face regenerate newer, fresher looking skin. This reduces fine lines, acne marks or any other type of scarring on the treated area.


How does it work?

Peeling gives you a fresher looking skin and the results are visible from the very first session onwards. Depending on the problem area – for instance dull skin, acne, scarring, pigmentation, sun tan etc - the skin consultant will suggest the number of sessions you will require to enjoy the desired results. Mild peeling sessions usually come with gaps of 3-4 weeks.


Peel off the old - and reboot your skin with Berkowits

Berkowits Hair & Skin Clinic has various Peeling options available. Depending on your skin type and problem areas, their skin experts recommend the right treatment and the number of sittings that you will need – to sport a fresh new look!


Go for it! Book your appointment at Berkowits Hair And Skin Clinic, you may contact on info@berkowits.in or Call at 91-9999 6666 99.

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