A flawless, smooth and glowing skin is every girl’s dream irrespective of her age. And one of our major concerns especially in this hot and humid weather is how to take care of our skin. Our schedules demand us to travel in the sun which causes tanning, the sweat causes acne and the list of repercussions can be endless! I personally do not have a great skin, and have to deal with issues like acne breakouts, sun tan, excessive oil, dull skin, etc on a daily basis. I keep scouting for facials or skin treatments that can help me tackle these problems.


I recently went to Berkowits Hair & Skin Clinic situated at Sector 18, Noida that was recommended by a colleague. After having a good discussion about my skin type, lifestyle and daily schedule, the team suggested a Lactic Peel as a part of an advanced skin treatment. It was a 15 minutes session and involved application of a chemical solution to my skin. This solution is to exfoliate and peel off my old skin. The idea behind this was to get new skin that would have reduced acne scars, even skin tone and lesser fine lines. 

The Berkowits team suggested that I take 6-8 sessions of this Peel to get better results. I would love to admit that the results were visible right after my first session!


There are few precautions that one must take after the peeling session like avoiding sun exposure, not using face wash for at least 24 hours and using sunblock mandatorily.


As a part of skin rejuvenation I believe every girl should try out such a session depending on their skin type. And I highly recommend taking this service from Berkowits Hair & Skin Clinic not only because of the instant results, also because of the warm and hospitable staff. You may know more about their services at https://www.berkowits.in