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Hair Loss Treatment/ Hair Fall Treatment at Home

hair fall treatment at home


If you haven't enough time to visit clinic for hair fall treatment and finding an alternative you could use at home, You are at the right place. Berkowits also provides a 3 month package for hair loss treatment for men and women.
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In this day and age most people find it difficult to visit a hair loss clinic for regular treatment. We have done our best to include our most effective therapies in a package that can be easily followed at Home.

All of our Treatment programs are for a duration of 3 months.

Hair Loss Treatment At Home Package

hair loss treatment package

Laser Hair Therapy : Low Level Laser Therapy is a cold laser that stimulates the blood flow to the hair root. It works by passing light energy to the hair follicle that helps in healing the hair root and combating hair loss. It is one of the three US:FDA approved at home treatments for Hair Loss. We have two handheld laser combs, one with 8 diodes and the other with 25 laser diodes. Remember more laser diodes mean faster and better results!

Minoxidil : Minoxidil has been approved by the US:FDA to stop Hair Loss. It is the gold standard in Hair Loss Treatments. HLCC Re-Stim is made in the USA and is unique as it is the only serum to contain 11 DHT blockers, Aloe Vera to combat dryness and Saw Palmetto for better results.

Hair Vitamins : These products help to aid in growth of hair either by inhibiting DHT and/or providing the vitamins and minerals that optimizes good quality hair growth. These products can be oral or topical. AA Plus and Complete are our power packed nutritionals. Each comes with 180 tablets to be consumed in 3 months.

Growth Stimulators : Your hair needs certain vitamins to grow to its fullest and thickest. Most people do not get enough of the right vitamins and minerals for their hair. Topical hair serums make sure that quality nutrition is delivered at the hair root. MGT is an all natural power packed serum.

Hygiene and Care : Good hygiene and regular care is the most basic condition for a successful treatment. Our SLS- Free Shampoos, Leave in Treatments and Vitamin Plus Conditioners ensure that your hair remain healthy without overdosing on harmful chemicals.


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