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Hair Wigs 

Wigs are estimated to be thousands of years old. Even Julius Caesar is rumored to wear one regularly. A wig is different from a Hair System or Hair Skin as it does not merge your existing hair with a new skin but covers your hair entirely, like a cap. Many indications such as Aloepecia Totallis, Aloepecia Universalis, Hair Loss due to Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy do not leave many other treatment options open. Hence, a wig may be used for restoring hair. 

Apart from that many actors, models and professional women wear wigs in daily life to get the hair style they desire. Because new-age wigs are so natural, many celebrities have started wearing wigs to save their own hair from regular hair processing such as coloring, straightening etc.

At Berkowits, different types of wigs are available in a wide range of hair styles, colors and base types to suit your requirement. These are available in all sizes and in different hair lengths for both men and women. We can also customize a wig as per your exact scalp shape, color and the base type you prefer.

 Berkowits Wigs are made only with Grade A 100% Human Remy Hair and can be styled, colored and processed as per your wishes. 

WIGS FOR CANCER PATIENTSOur hearts go out to all those who are battling Cancer. Chemotherapy and other radiation therapies cause hair loss and there is no cure for it.
Wigs are available to cancer patients at competitive prices and are available in various colors and styles catering to an individual's needs and requirements. Wigs or hair prosthetics are comfortable, safe to wear, lightweight, and can even be worn during humidity and heat as they offer complete ventilation. The experts at our clinics will help you to choose the right type of wig that will restore your hair to its former glory. They can be styled in any way you wish. You may choose between a Synthetic hair and a Human Hair wig depending on your needs. These wigs are also available for patients suffering from Aloepecia Totalis, Aloepecia Universalis and other cases of complete baldness.


Synthetic Hair Wigs
Synthetic hair is not easy to manage as they have a tendency to get tangled
Synthetic hair mimic the way natural human hair looks but can still be noticed
Synthetic hair wigs are more affordable


Human hair wigs are very easy to maintain as they do not get easily tangled
Human hair wigs look very natural and offer a look which is unmatchable
Human Hair wigs are more expensive than synthetic wigs

Locks of Life is our initiative under the Bimla Rani Foundation where we give free wigs to those who need it most. Contact us to know more about it.

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