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  • Economic Times

    The secretive customer (of hair loss treatment) of yesteryears does not mind showing off their transplant procedure," said Arpit Goel, who heads marketing at Berkowits Hair and Skin Clinics, a chain promoted by his mother Seema Goel. He also said many youngsters are also going for treatment to prevent hair loss.

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  • The hindu

    So it is that time of the year again when gulal and gujiya, pichkari and pakora vie for our attention even as many among us try to match steps with each other to the beats of "Rang barse." As expected, the market is full of colours of various brands, pichkaris of different shapes, gujiyas and a variety of other sweets, bhujias and a range of other namkeens, all to make the annual festival of colours an occasion to remember. Time is also to keep caution and choose the right thing from the market

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  • hindustan times

    On Holi, don't fret if your friends dip you in every possible colour before you have had the time to protect your hair, skin and nails with oil.

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  • HT City 2008

    Doctors beware. If recent research at the university of Miami in anything to go by, 1 in 20 out of 800 patients wants to kill their doctors. Many of these patients were in a lot of pain, undergoing physical rehabilitation and distrusted the doctor.

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  • Arya Samaj

    During laser hair removal, a laser beam passes through the skin to an individual hair follicle. The intense heat of the laser damages the hair follicle, which inhibits future hair growth.

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  • Beauty Plus 2009

    On Beauty plus magazine ad, don't fret if your friends dip you in every possible color before you have had the time to protect your hair, skin and nails with oil.

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