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Pigmentation is the result of uneven distribution of a substance called Melanin in the skin. This causes abnormal discoloration of the skin and is visible in the form of color contrasts such as dark skin or very light skin that is prone to UV rays of the sun.

Causes of Pigmentation

Several factors can become contributors to Pigmentation

Preventive Measures

Most of the times, Pigmentation is caused due to excessive sun exposure. The most important preventive technique is to avoid staying long hours under the sun. Other preventive measures include wearing an effective sunscreen lotion, wearing protective clothing when you are under the sun.

Skin Brightening

Skin Brightening consists of procedures and medications used in the treatment of uneven skin tone, dark spots, marks and to attain an even skin tone. We have a variety of skin care services and treatments for you to choose from.

Before / After Treatment


For healthy and radiant skin, we recommend the following range of products and services available at Berkowits for you.

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Mesotherapy for skin

Mesotherapy creates extremely small channels for the treatment-cocktail (Rich in actives according to the indication) to penetrate.

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Carbon Facial

Carbon Facial is non-invasive procedure that involves applying a layer of liquid carbon on the facial and using a laser to blast away the carbon.

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For one Photofacials done by IPL are significantly different from the ones undertaken with mere LED’s. LED’s rely on colour therapy whereas Photofacials.

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Q-Switched Laser

This is a laser procedure in which a beam of light at a specific wavelength is applied to the skin and is absorbed by colored pigments in the skin.

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