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Melasma is a type of hyperpigmentation characterised by the appearance of generally symmetrical pigmented stains on the face, particularly on the cheeks, dorsal surface of the nose, forehead and upper lip. It is common in women of all ethnic groups and skin phototypes, but it is most frequent in Asian, African and Latin American individuals.


To evaluate the efficacy and safety of the cosmelan® method in treating facial melasma among patients with a multi-ethnic profile and differentiated skin phototypes (according to the Fitzpatrick scale).

Types of Hyperpigmentation and their Diagnosis


Postinflammatory Hyperpigmentation

Solar Lentigo Senile Lentigo



A retrospective analysis was made of 33 cases of mixed
melasma corresponding to Caucasian, Asian, African and Latin American ethnic groups with skin phototypes II-V, treated with the cosmelan® method between October 2013 and May 2016.


Application of the full 10 grams of cosmelan 1 as a thick layer on the entire face, with increased thickness over the hyperpigmentation zones. The product was allowed to act upon the skin for the recommended time according to the
skin phototype involved*:
• Phototypes I and II: 8 hours
• Phototypes III and IV: 10 hours
• Phototypes V and VI: 12 hours


Application of the cosmelan 2 maintenance cream, based on the following scheme: Simultaneous hydration and solar protection is essential, applying hydra-vital factor k and moisturising sun protection SPF 50+.

Before / After Treatment

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