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A breakthrough concept pioneered by Berkowits. It is a hair technology that combines the benefits of surgical hair transplants with non surgical hair replacement to deliver naturally growing and full hair. Symbios uses hair transplantation in the front and hair replacement at the back to give you a solution that has proven absolutely effective and successful amongst all our clients.

Hair Transplant in the front ensures a natural high definition hair line whereas Hair Replacement at the back or Crown area adds density in an area that has a low yield rate (No of transplanted hair that grow/ No of transplanted hair).

Symbios also ensures that you can maximize on your limited donor area by transplanting hair to the front rather than having to cover the entire head.

It has often been seen that clients who want a full head of hair with a 'moviestars' hair density are left unsatisfied with the results ofHair Transplant alone. Berkowits has pioneered a hair technology that combines the best of both procedures and provides with the most amazing results in the market.

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